About myself

I am passionate about African creative industry both past and present, I am an optimist and love adventure.




My art/creative venture/idea

My venture is OwnYourCulture; whose main aim is to preserve, promote our African heritage(especially art and design) through fashion ,styling,blogging, digital storytelling and of course jewelry design.
We also run a campaign online with the same name whereby we encourage young people to share stories from their culture and how they would style their items today.
Watch a feature by Blankets & Wine here
Highlight of my idea
Turning my idea into a viable business, travelling, speaking engagements on my expertise, meeting my role models because of this work. These are just some of the highlights. The biggest is seeing the campaign cross borders and continents
My thoughts on Eldoret
This is my other hometown and most of my family live here, so this town holds a special place in my heart.I love this town, I love my mother-tongue which is spoken by most people on the streets, I love the weather, skies are much bluer and stars shine much brighter, I love the people, I love the ease of life in Eldoret, I feel a strong sense of belonging here in Eldoret.
Eldoret creative industry
I have come across some of the creatives putting out great work from Eldoret. I think this is a great time as we have more opportunities as young creatives to put our work out there. In my opinion, Eldoret is full of great history, lifestyle that are great source of content creation and inspiration for local creatives.
I feel that there is a huge untapped market that creatives can mold, direct and inspire. There is a rich local content that can be tailor-made for the locals. All in all I believe there is a great chance for Creatives to prosper in Eldoret.
How to make Eldoret Creative Scene Vibrant
I think the education or creating awareness of art/ creativity being a valid source of income would be a great start. Also I am of the opinion that local creatives should create and constantly evolve to reach their local market. Their is also great power in local creatives working together to create more opportunities for themselves as well as mentor younger creatives.
I also believe that locals should try see how they can create a market for their town as opposed to focusing on Nairobi alone. This area especially(encouraging local consumption) is something that a collaboration of local creatives would be able to create.
However with the current content I have seen, I believe soon Eldoret will be a hub of creativity. There is so so much content around as many of the locals still maintain traditional heritage, stories passed down in these families can be a great source of inspiration for fictional books, comics, blogs, TV shows, songs, art etc.
The way forward would be to use what you have to get ahead and being consistent, whatever it is.
What is your vision of the New Creative Eldoret?
I see a lot of localized content, from TV shows, comic books, novels, art and design. I see painters, musicians, actors living off their talents.
I see more consumption of local content. I see more and more art or creative-based institutions arise
What is your definition of Artpreneurship
These are businesses that operate and are inspired by or the source is art, music, design, style, painting
Which artists do you admire?
I really admire cultural beaders and story tellers even the Gogos. I love hearing stories from Gogos about the past and the designs they would create in celebration.
Other artists organizations I admire- the Young Clover for creating a space for young people to create art. I also love the team behind Eldoret Leo- that is how to create relevant localized content
PS: Gogos is a Kalenjin word for grandparents
Creatives I would like to work with…
Cultural artisans of course and the fresh talent from Young Clover 🙂


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