Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Ruguru Kimani. I am 22 years old. I am a medical student and parenting blogger at Exciting Parenting.

I am a lover of life! I love having fun and visiting archaic places (it’s a bit spooky!) I also love having Ice Cream; I have literally tried out most flavors. I am always the life of the party when I go out with my friends though, I mostly prefer having quiet weekend nights at home. I rarely run or work out, my friends don’t just understand why but I will only run if there is trouble. My most valuable make up item in my list is my Kajal as it lines out my eyes properly. That’s one thing I would consciously not leave the house without. I am also very shy, though I have managed to mask this properly with an aura of confidence. I am also a staunch Christian from PCEA. I would say that I have comfortably made it possible to strike a proper balance at been half human and half amazing.


Tell us about your creative venture

My creative venture is my blog. I started it in December 2016. Actually it was during the doctors’ strike that I found it appropriate to start something to keep myself busy and become of use to the society. I started off by posting a few posts on my Facebook Page and asking those who wanted to read the rest of the piece to send me their email addresses and I would forward it to them. At the first attempt I received over 1000 email addresses, it was hard sending the document to every single person. I decided to start a blog, a WordPress one but later upgraded it by purchasing a domain name and paying the hosting charges. It was not in my mind to become a blogger but I love how it has turned out. It is literally my ‘little baby.’ I enjoy writing the amazing pieces and sharing them on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


What has been the highlight of your creative venture

The major highlight of my creative venture was my Better Living Interview on NTV. It gave me the exposure that I needed. It also informed people of the work that I do and the feedback was amazing.

Watch the episode here

Which artist/creative would you like to work with?

I dream of working with Wandia Gichuru. She is an amazing mother and I love collection from Vivo Active Wear. We would do a wonderful job together on sharing intricate parenting skills and also showcasing her beautiful pieces on the blog and letting ladies know what is there for them to wear

Editorial Note:

When we asked Ruguru to tell us what she thought of Eldoret and its creative industry, she knew nothing about it. We are glad because this is the reason why The Young Clover exists, to push towards a New Creative Eldoret; to have Eldoret and its creatives on the map.

This blog is to help put creatives on the map; especially those in Eldoret. Reach out to us on our contact page if you want to be featured. It is our absolute pleasure!!!



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