About myself

I am a young creative just trying to find his place in this world, and basically an introverted character who prefers spending time in introspection to getting caught up in the many distractions that this life has to offer. Even so, I crave for human connection and every once in a while I step out of my world and into this one to enjoy the company of my small circle of friends over good food or drinks.

My art/creative venture/idea

The idea that has been most persistent in my mind of late is that of writing to express myself. It is personal to me in the sense that I use my words to quieten my mind so I started with writing down a few pieces here and there on random topics. Over time I realized the need to be more organized, hence the blog was born. The blog is a centre of my creative energy, the intended purpose being to create art through my words, to colour the world, to inspire.

Find the blog here www.benmokamba.wordpress.com

The highlight of my art/creative venture/my idea

I can’t really say there has been a major highlight of my idea. In hindsight though, I think there have been small wins here and there, especially when I feel that people can relate to my ideas, which is part of the intended purpose. More important is the people who have believed in me, even at times when I didn’t believe in myself.

My low moment while setting up my venture?

I can’t possibly highlight one specific moment that takes the prize home as the lowest, haha, however, I note that things haven’t gone as I had expected, and I have been growing anxious as a result especially as the future unfolds.

My thoughts on Eldoret.

I spent a part of my childhood in Eldoret, so some of my cherished childhood memories live there. It is a quiet and peaceful place, with a lot of potential for growth. Hopefully, this growth will be steered in the right direction.

My thoughts on the creative industry in Eldoret

Thanks to the efforts of organisations such as The Young Clover Media, I have come to the realization that there is a lot of young and creative energy in Eldoret. I think this is amazing. And it is even better to know that there are opportunities for such young minds to grow and nurture their talents and skills.

How I think we can make Eldoret vibrant?

The arts play a very crucial role in our society. It offers a sort of balance to our social systems and how we organize ourselves. Notably, the youth are using the arts to impact the society that they are a part of, and this is evident in Eldoret. We should encourage and nurture them through creating avenues and opportunities to not only grow and showcase their artistic and creative skills but also to create sustainable business ventures from the aforementioned skills.

What is your vision of the New Creative Eldoret?

I envision a vibrant artistic platform. For young people especially. A society which is comfortable in itself and expresses itself through the arts. In the meantime, I am hoping to meet fellow creatives and learn more from them.

My understanding of artpreneurship

My understanding of artpreneurship is the capacity for any artist to turn their art into a sustainable business venture, and it starts by being paid for the art being created. Art should not be free because creating is not an easy task.

Some of the artists I would like to work with.

I am willing to work with any artist, as long as there is a mutual will and zeal to create something that can impact the world.

What the future of a creative Eldoret looks like if we push for those boundaries.

It is too bright to even look at from where I stand. My reason is that, for a long time, art has not been taken seriously in our society. No one looks at creation of art as a sustainable venture. However, with initiatives like the Young Clovers Media, we are creating awareness on art and its place in our society. And as more people get to understand the concept of artpreneurship, many creatives will be courageous to take their art seriously and pursue it actively and in a sustainable manner.

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